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Copy Editing & Line Editing


 Fine-tuning the language of your piece, I will adjust words, sentences, and even paragraphs to improve logic and flow to make the best impression possible.   

I will ensure correct spelling, syntax, and punctuation is used throughout.

I also check for:

  • technical consistency in spelling, capitalization, font usage, numerals, hyphenation
  • grammatical and linguistic errors
  • continuity errors and loose ends
  • awkward sentence constructions, redundancies, and verbosity
  • factually incorrect statements 
  • potential legal liability
  • inconsistency within the story including character description, plot points, and setting

I will supply you with a style sheet personalized for your manuscript along with thorough comments and suggestions for improvement.



I will scrutinize your document with a fine-tooth comb, catching typos and mistakes in spelling, grammar, and/or punctuation.


My job is to check for quality before the book goes into production. I take the original edited copy and compare it to the proof to make sure that there are no omissions or missing pages. 

I also correct awkward word or page breaks that may have been missed. 


Every Project is Unique 

Since every project is unique, definitive copy editing, line editing, and proofreading rates cannot be stated without a full description and representative sample of your project.

My rates fall in the middle of the EFA's recommended rates.


I do not read, edit, or index erotica, horror, political, religious, or supernatural material.   



 Indexes give readers a map to pertinent information in a book


Indexing is more than just compiling a list of words or phrases and where they appear; that is a concordance. Understanding and organizing the information and ideas in a text and generating a helpful index can't be done by a computer; it requires a human touch.


While the author is the expert on the subject, I approach it from the viewpoint of a reader who is not as knowledgeable on the subject, create a personalized index, and make it more useful and valuable to readers. But do you really need to hire a professional indexer? Can't anyone write one? Read more here before deciding.  

 Indexing Rates  

Indexes are generally charged by the page and vary depending on the material being indexed, the  type of index required, the density and subject matter, the intended audience, and the amount of time allowed for the project, but are generally between $4–$9 per indexable page. Sending the entire book or providing a large representative sample of the formatted text makes quoting a rate more accurate.






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