Pendley's Pro Editing Services


hand proofing document

I will scrutinize your document with a fine-tooth comb, catching every typo and mistake in spelling, grammar and/or punctuation to provide a 100% error-proof document.


My job is to check for quality before the book goes into production. I take the original edited copy and compare it to the proof to make sure that there are no omissions or missing pages. I also correct awkward word or page breaks that may have been missed. 

This is the last step in the editing journey.

Every Project is Unique

Since every project is unique, definitive rates cannot be stated without a full description and representative sample of your project.

My rates fall in the middle of the EFA's (Editorial Freelancers Association) recommended rates.

Beta Reading

book pages folded into a heart

Let me be the first to read your novel and give non-biased constructive feedback to improve your story, characters, and setting. 

I will give you my impartial opinion on your:







writing quality 

tone consistency

I can also refer you to developmental editors for a more in-depth review, if desired.

 I do not read or edit erotica, horror, religious, supernatural, or political material. 

Copy Editing & Line Editing

Fine-tuning the language of your piece, I will adjust words, sentences, and even paragraphs to improve logic and flow to make the best impression possible.  


I will ensure correct grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation is used throughout.

I also check for: 

  • technical consistency in spelling, capitalization, font usage, numerals, hyphenation
  • continuity errors and makes sure that all loose ends are tied
  • factually incorrect statements (non-fiction) 
  • potential legal liability
  • inconsistency within the story including character description, plot points, and setting

Depending on the length of your manuscript, an edit can take anywhere from three to five weeks or more; please plan accordingly.


Pendley's Pro Editing

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