Pendley's Pro Editing Services


hand proofing document

Scrutinizing your document with a fine-tooth comb, I will catch every typo and mistake in spelling, grammar and/or punctuation to provide a 100% error-proof document.
Starting at $25/hour* U.S.

Beta Reading

book pages folded into a heart

Let me be the first to read your novel and give non-biased constructive feedback to improve your story, characters, and setting. 

Fee varies by length. 

Copy Editing & Line Editing

scanning book line by line with finger

I will fine-tune the language of your piece, adjust words, sentences, and even paragraphs to improve logic and flow to make the best impression possible.
Starting at $35/hour* U.S.


letter stamps

*Based on 1,250–1,800/wph

Every Project is Unique

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Since every project is unique, definitive rates cannot be stated without a full description and representative sample of your project.


opne laptop, mouse and sticky notes

*Based on 1,250–1,800/wph


Pendley's Pro Editing

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