About Pendley's Pro Editing

"Word Nerd"

Although I have an accounting degree, the written word is my first love. I was hooked from the time I completed a Writer’s Digest writing course long ago, 

but other things got in the way.  I have a 15-year background in business, primarily banking and finance, but also have experience in real estate, property management, and some in the legal field. Over the years colleagues told me I was a “word nerd” and would make 

a great proofreader and editor.

Skills & Experience

Being very organized, efficient, detail-oriented, and dependable are crucial skills for a copy editor, and are my strengths. 

Over the past few years, I've edited everything from fiction, nonfiction, resumes, and theses, to motivational & D.I.Y. books, entertainment & travel reviews, and hundreds of presentations for a large Amazon conference.  

Employing any style guide, I will ensure your piece is consistent and the best it can be.  

Proud ACES member

Heather Pendley

My references attest to my determination to accept nothing but perfection in my work. I take pride in helping my clients to produce the most streamlined, easily accessible, and professional work possible. 

I'm not happy unless you are happy.

Having been born and bred a California girl and currently residing with my family not too far from the Mexican border, I’m quite familiar with all common U.S. customs and practices and the Latino culture.


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