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"Word Nerd"


Although I have an accounting degree, the written word is my first love. I was hooked from the time I completed a Writer’s Digest course long ago, but other things got in the way. I have a 15-year background in business, primarily banking and finance, but also have experience in real estate and property management. Over the years, colleagues fittingly called me a “word nerd.” I've completed several intensive editing classes, recently earned UCSD's Specialized Certificate in Copyediting, and am currently taking book indexing courses at UC Berkeley.

Skills & Experience


Organization, efficiency, attention to detail, and dependability are crucial skills for a copy editor, and are among my strengths. I've edited everything from daily local news, educational workbooks, and resumes, to self-improvement books, B2B, and hundreds of presentations for AWS (Amazon Web Services) re:Invent conferences. Employing the style guide of your choice, I will ensure your piece shines.

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Heather Pendley


My references attest to my determination to accept nothing but perfection in my work. I take pride in helping my clients to produce the most streamlined and professional work possible. 

I'm not happy unless you are happy.

Born and bred a California girl currently residing with my family not too far from the Mexican border, I’m familiar with common US customs as well as the Latino culture.

I do not read or edit erotica, horror, political, religious, or supernatural material.   




Contact me for a free quote. My limit for unpaid sample edits is four double-spaced pages, or 1000 words of representative text.

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